Club Belle Tori

Club Belle Tori, Book 1

Michelle Hoppe

Chapter 1

The sleek black limousine began the steep climb down the winding road to the desert floor below. Victoria Lane relaxed deeper into the seat as her mind drifted back to the first time she had made the trip up this hill sixteen years ago. Before the trees had grown so tall, before the club became “the” place to be, before she became wealthy. Back to the first time she had seen the mansion, majestically situated on top of this hill, overlooking the glittering lights of Las Vegas. Smiling to herself she remembered the first time she explained to her best friend, Pierre DuMonte, what it was she envisioned Club Belle Tori would become.

“We will create a place where people can live their fantasies,” she had told him. “An exclusive club with outrageous works of art, expensive drinks, and twenty of the most beautifully decorated guest rooms ever imagined.” Pierre had smiled as if he were indulging a young child, and dutifully accompanied her to the mansion, listening as she described the club.

“The ground level will be the lobby, club, and guest rooms,” she had explained as they entered the massive foyer. “We will hang life size erotic art in black frames with gold mattes here in the lobby. A reception desk will be positioned between two of them, over there,” she pointed, on the left side of the room. Spinning around with her arms outstretched, she indicated the entire room. “Overstuffed couches and chairs will be tastefully scattered around. And in front of the grand staircase we will place a large table with a beautiful vase of fresh flowers.”

Victoria remembered Pierre looking around the rooms, asking a few questions, and basically acting like he was interested. He had, without protest, listened as she explained how they would divide the upper level into two sections. “One will become a private residence for me and the other will be offices and storage,” she assured him. She knew he thought she was only dreaming. She knew he thought the club would take more money than they could come up with. Yet, here they were sixteen years later and their success was greater than either of them had ever expected.

Victoria was pulled back to the present by the sound of Pierre's voice, “Tori?”

She smiled. Her nickname sounded so sexy when he said it. Turning to face him she purred, “Yes, Pierre

“You seem deep in thought. Want to share?”

“Oh it's nothing. I was just thinking about the first time we saw the mansion.”

Now it was Pierre's turn to smile. “It's been a long, successful road, Belle.”

“That's somewhat of an understatement don't you think?”

“Perhaps. All I know is I've enjoyed every moment, and I have you to thank for dragging me into a wonderful life.”

The sound of her laughter filled the air. “Did I drag you, handsome? It seems to me it took very little effort to get you to go along with all my plans.”

“Okay, drag is the wrong word. Nonetheless, I will always be grateful for the life we have.”

“As will I my friend.”

Their conversation ended as the limo came to a stop. Stepping from the car, Victoria and Pierre moved toward a large white tent, which had been erected for their use this evening.

“So tell me why you brought me out here.”

Pierre reached out and took Victoria's hand. “For several reasons,” he responded.

“Such as?”

“Well first to enjoy the sunset from high above the desert floor,” he stated as he pointed to a brightly colored hot air balloon sitting beside the tent.”

“Sounds wonderful, handsome—any other reason?”

“Yes, I believe we need a night away from the club to relax and talk.”

“That's the one that scares me.”


“Talking! We have been through this too many times already.”

Pulling her close Pierre lifted her easily into the basket of the balloon. “Well first we fly,” he said. Climbing aboard, Pierre expertly handled the controls, as the balloon lifted into the air.

* * * *

At six foot three, two hundred and ten pounds of masculine power, Jason Hunter was a wealthy, educated, world traveler. With a devilish twinkle in his piercing blue eyes and lips that seemed to be forever curved with delight, he was more than the typical tall, blonde, and handsome. Women noticed him the moment he entered their line of sight and most took a deep breath as a small knot of longing hit the pit of their womanhood. At forty-two he was still single, though never without the company of a lady if he desired one.

Jason enjoyed the finer things in life: excellent food and wine, the best hotels, and fancy cars. His clothes were custom made to fit his body like a glove, and even when he was dressed for relaxing, there was something about the cut and style of his clothing that attracted attention. He walked with the confidence of a man in control. Considered charming and sensual by women, intelligent and sometimes arrogant by men, Jason exuded a commanding presence, and was very aware of the effect he had on those around him.

It had been two days since he arrived in Paris to check on the overseas offices of Hunter Consulting. His business partner and best friend, Samuel Grimes, had been getting the new location up and running for the past four months. Jason was satisfied with the setup and progress, and after two days of meetings and conference calls he was ready for some personal time. After all, Paris is the city of romance and since Sam had everything in order, Jason decided it was time to do a little sightseeing.

He and Sam had plans for dinner later in the day, so with little hesitation he dialed the office to let Sam know he would not be attending today's round of meetings. After a quick check with the front desk for messages, Jason exited the lobby of the Hotel de Paris. Turning left on Place de la Concorde, he started a leisurely stroll toward The Palais.

The early morning sun was warm on his face. People walked down the streets, cars and buses crawled along in heavy traffic, and the sounds of a busy city surrounded him. Finding a small outdoor café, which was less crowded than most, Jason located a table and ordered espresso.

While he waited for the coffee to be delivered, his eyes scanned the surrounding area, meeting momentarily with those of a nice looking woman on the other side of the courtyard. Her gaze rested on his lips and he smiled, tipped his head in greeting, and was pleased by the sweet look of desire lighting her eyes. Motioning to a waiter, Jason asked that his card be delivered to the table where she was sitting, having jotted a quick note on the back requesting she join him. Moments later he was rewarded with a nod of acceptance.

Jason's eyes lingered on the curve of her legs as she stood and walked in the direction of his table. Her body was graceful and slender; her long red hair framed a lovely face, and hazel eyes shone in the morning sun. Jason stood at her approach, extending his hand to take hers. “Bonjour,” he said with a perfect French accent.

“Bonjour,” she responded, as she placed her hand in his, allowing him a moment to lift it to his warm lips for a quick kiss.

“I am Jason, it's a beautiful day to be in Paris and my good fortune to find such a lovely lady to share it with,” he said, motioning her to a seat at the table.

With a sensual smile she replied. “Oui, Paris is a wonderful city. I am Erica; it's nice to meet you.”

The city noise slowly filtered into the background as Jason gave his undivided attention to the lovely Erica.

* * * *

Translucent pink and purple hues streaked across the evening sky, swirling and floating on air currents high above the wind-swept desert laid out below. The lights of Las Vegas shone in the distance, their brightness fighting to keep the dark evening sky from descending on their fun.

The majestic balloon softly dropped to the desert floor, touching gently as the sound of raised voices caught on the air. Victoria and Pierre climbed from the basket and strolled back toward the tent, all the while continuing the discussion that had been spinning in circles for over two hours.

“Pierre, I don't want to talk about it anymore.”

“I realize that Tori, but this conversation is not going away, and until you give in or fire me, we will keep having it.”

The look that crossed her face was one of sadistic delight, “Fire you?” she laughed. “Like you would let me, and even if I did, you wouldn't go and you know it.”

“So true Belle, and yet…”

“And yet, what?” She demanded her patience at an end. “You know I'm not going to fire you and I know you're not going to leave, so let's have the damn discussion and be done with it.”

Pierre smiled. “We could have saved all this frustration, if only you had agreed I was right two hours ago.”

Victoria turned and playfully slapped Pierre on the ass as she ran the last few yards to the tent. She could hear his footsteps close behind, gaining on her. Suddenly, she was swept from her feet and lifted high in the air, her legs arching up as he pulled her to the ground, his body acting as a soft landing pad beneath her. He had her pinned against him, his lips nibbling on the soft flesh of her neck. “Stop squirming,” he said between tender nips.

“Hell no,” she laughed as her body wiggled more in an effort to escape.

His grip tightened and his lips attached to her ear lobe. Sucking hard he heard her moan. “Stop squirming Tori,” he stated again, his voice becoming firm.

“Okay,” she hissed between clenched teeth as her body relaxed.

Pierre released her and allowed her to roll away from him. Pulling herself into a sitting position, she smiled and in the most seductive voice turned to him and said, “I thought you wanted to talk handsome, not fuck.”

“I do want to talk Belle and you're not going to distract me from this conversation with any of your tricks. So stop looking at me like a cat with a mouse, turn off the sex appeal, and plant your ass in a comfortable position, because talking is what we are going to do.”

Victoria moved over to a pile of pillows and made herself comfortable. Glancing quickly out the corner of her eye she saw Pierre adjusting his shorts and chuckled. With very little effort on her part this conversation could be delayed once again. It was a fleeting thought though, because she was tired of it all and just wanted it over, done, finished. Since they came out here this evening with the express plan to get it out in the open once and for all, she decided to stop playing games and get down to business.

“Okay handsome, you have me in the middle of nowhere. No phones, no clients, no staff, and no distractions, so hit me with your best shot.”

Pierre rolled his eyes. “You don't need to be so dramatic Tori—I just want to talk”

* * * *

Eight hours later Jason returned to his suite. Opening the sliding doors to the balcony he stepped out into the evening air. Lights and noise filtered up from the city below as he thought about the hours of empty pleasure just spent with Erica. “What is wrong with me?” he asked aloud. It had nothing to do with Erica, or any of the other women he'd been with, it was something in him. The passion and fire he knew existed deep within was not there. The desire to give completely to a woman was not there. Love or anything closely resembling love was not there.

He couldn't put his finger on the problem but knew his life was in need of a change. Months ago he had come to the conclusion it was time to find a woman he could spend the rest of his life with. A woman to share his hopes and dreams, who liked to travel, enjoyed romance, and was not opposed to indulging his sexual fantasies. For months now he had been searching, and for months he had been disappointed.

Shaking his head and glancing at his watch, Jason realized he needed to get ready for dinner with Sam. He headed to the bathroom stripping out of his clothing as he walked through the bedroom. Letting his pants drop to the floor, he stood naked, the hard muscles of his body flexing as he stretched his arms over his head. Moving his shoulders from side to side, he continued to stretch. Pulling the muscles of his back and legs tight, he held the position for several minutes while allowing his mind to relax. Releasing slowly he moved into the bathroom and stepped into the shower allowing hot water to pour down his frame.

Once again his mind toyed with the idea of the perfect woman. She must be sexy, intelligent, confident, and of course beautiful. Does such a woman exist? And if she does, how was he supposed to find her? Thoughts of women from his past came to mind, beautiful brainless ladies, not one of whom he wanted to spend eternity with. Stepping out of the shower he dried his body with a soft towel, still running down the list of ladies he had dated, concluding not one had all the qualities he was seeking.

Another look at the time and he shook off the distracting thoughts of his personal life, dressed for dinner, locked the door to his suite, and took the elevator downstairs to the restaurant.

* * * *

Le' Embassadeurs was dining at its most refined elegance with excellent cuisine and service beyond reproach. Jason was shown to a table located near the windows, where Sam was already seated.

“So, how was the sightseeing?” Sam inquired, as Jason joined him at the table.

Smiling, Jason replied, “It's a beautiful city, full of beautiful women. All in all it was a great day.”

“What's her name?” Sam asked with amusement.


“And, did you…” Sam started.

“Don't ask,” Jason interrupted, “I had a nice day, but nothing really special. Let's discuss something else.”

“Like what?”

“Anything, I don't care as long as it's not about women.”

“Sure Jase, whatever you want.”

Both men stopped talking to study the menu and place their orders with the waiter. Throughout the meal, Jason and Sam enjoyed light conversation on a multitude of topics, from business to travel. Once the meal was complete and the last of the dishes had been cleared from the table, the Masterpiece Port Finish was served. Both gentlemen lit Ornelas' as they relaxed into their chairs.

“So, what do you think of Las Vegas?” Sam asked out of the blue.

“I haven't been there in several years. Gambling is not something I enjoy, so except for the shows and great food, I don't find much of interest there,” Jason replied. “Why?”

“Umm, just thinking about your little problem with women.”

“I never said I had a problem with women and you know it.”

“Not exactly,” Sam laughed, “you know what I'm talking about Jase.”

“Yes Sam I know what you are talking about and while I don't remember asking for any help, I take it you have a solution,” Jason replied, his tone of voice a little sarcastic,

“Not a solution Jase, I have a woman for you, a woman who will light a fire deep within your soul. She's everything you've ever wanted and then some … beautiful, sexy, intelligent, wealthy.”

“I'm listening.”

“Her name is Victoria, and she owns a club called Belle Tori. This club is very private, members only, and extremely elegant. It's a house of sexual pleasures and is like nothing you've ever experienced before.”

“She's a prostitute?” Jason demanded in a harsh tone.

“Fuck no, that's not what I said.”

“Hell it isn't,” Jason hissed. “Dammit Sam all I need in my life at this point is a whore.”

“I told you she's not a prostitute,” Sam yelled, causing several heads to turn in their direction. Lowering his voice and leaning closer to Jason, Sam continued, “Listen Jase, I'm sorry for bringing it up. It's just that Victoria Lane is like no woman I've ever met before. If ever the gods put a lady on this earth for the sole purpose of being with you, this is the one.”

“Just drop it Sam, I'm not going to Vegas and that's the end of it.”

Leaning back in his chair, Sam sat quietly. It had never been easy getting Jason to do something if his mind was against it. All he could do was plant the seed and hope it grew. He waited silently for five minutes, while pretending to be engrossed in the artwork hanging on the wall above their table. Jason sat there stony silent, his eyes focused on some mystery spot beyond Sam's head.

Finally growing uncomfortable with the silence, Sam spoke, “Time to call it a night Jase, I've got a busy day at the office again tomorrow.”

Suddenly pulled back into the moment, his voice sounding far away, Jason replied. “Sure Sam and I'm sorry for getting so worked up about your suggestion. I'm just not interested at the moment, you understand?”

“Don't give it another thought Jase, it was just a crazy idea anyway. I'll see you tomorrow.”

“I'll be in around noon,” Jason replied, as he stood to shake Sam's hand.

Sam turned to leave the restaurant as Jason picked up his port and walked back inside to the Piano Bar. Finding an empty table close to the windows, he ordered another drink, gazed out at the city of lights, and was soon lost in thought…

He had started Hunter Consulting at age thirty-one, after spending ten years working for his father's electronics development firm. During that time, he had learned everything he could from anyone who would take the time to teach him. One day he walked into his father's office, thanked him for the opportunities he had been given and announced it was time to strike out on his own. His father wished him the best of luck and allowed him to make his own path from that moment on. It took two years of hard work and more than a little money to get the consulting firm up and running, and five more to make it the vastly profitable corporation it was today.

Those first seven years Jason spent sixteen-hour days at the office, put every penny he made back into the company, and lived for work. A personal life was not something he could indulge in during those years. Then the day came when everything was working perfectly, he didn't need to be in the office day and night. Actually, he could leave for three months and things still worked like a well-oiled machine. All he needed was his laptop, cell phone, and the occasional quiet corner, to run his office from anywhere in the world. And that was just what he had been doing for three years now.

So why, he asked himself, am I so unsatisfied with my personal life? Like his subconscious mind might somehow have the answer. I can't believe Sam actually thinks I'd be interested in some Las Vegas club owner, even if she's not a whore. What had he said about her; beautiful, sexy, intelligent, and wealthy? Well I don't need a wealthy woman and why am I sitting here thinking about her? Fuck! Picking up his glass he tossed back the last of the drink, stood, and walked to the elevator.

* * * *

Victoria knew what he wanted to discuss, they had been dancing around the issue for months now. For some reason Pierre had decided it was time she had a full-time man back in her life. She wasn't sure it was the right time, although it had been seven years and perhaps she was ready for that type of closeness again. She had been sitting there staring at him for several minutes, trying not to blink before he did. These games they played were fun most of the time, and she usually enjoyed them. At the moment though she was more than aware this conversation was going to get heated before it was over. It wasn't that she planned to disagree with him in the end; it was just a piss off that he wanted to push the issue.

Pierre sat, waiting for Victoria to start flinging objections at him. Yet, after ten minutes of silence, during which time she had just stared, unblinking, into his eyes, he began to speak. “You know I love you with all my heart Tori.”

“Of course I do.”

“Then why do you fight me so hard on this matter?”

“Is that what you think I'm doing, handsome? Fighting you? This is not fighting Pierre, this is accepting fate. I don't need a man in my life full-time. I'm happy with things as they are.”

“Fate? Happy? These words do not ring true Tori.” Pierre's voice was sad. “I'm not willing to sit by and watch you grow ever more distant. It's time you started living completely again, and you can't do that without a life partner.”

“God Pierre, you sound like a mother hen. What's wrong with my life? I have you, I have the club, I have friends, and of course I have all the sex partners a woman could ever want.”

“It's not the same, all those sex partners, and you know it.” Pierre's voice was getting frosty.

“My darling Pierre,” Victoria said her voice soft and placating, “I know you want what is best for me, and I'm not saying I won't find another man to love someday. Now is not the time, that's all.”

“When is the time?”

“Baise! You're not going to let this alone, are you? You're going to push and prod until I give in and do what you want. So why in God’s name are we having this discussion anyway? Why the hell don't you just bring on the parade of men and get it over with?”

When Victoria started swearing in French, Pierre knew he was losing ground. He was tempted to take her in his arms and kiss her delectable lips. She was losing patience and he knew it. Yet this was so important, and they had all night here in the tent to explore the pleasure of each other's bodies. Right now he needed to get her to agree with his plan, without of course knowing it was a plan.

“Victoria, please! There will not be a parade of men,” he hesitated, than added with a chuckle, “just one. All I'm asking is that you let me review incoming applications for membership and if the right man applies to the club, you let me arrange an evening. All I want is for you to give yourself over to the pleasure of one man for one night and see what happens.”

“Okay,” Victoria sighed. “One man, one night. That's all. Then my handsome French lover, you let it drop and promise not to bring it up again for five years.”

“It's a deal.” Pierre smiled, as he moved his body to recline against the pillows. “Come here mon amour and we shall seal the pact with a kiss.”

Victoria leaned forward, without moving closer, and with a deep tone to her voice continued. “And Pierre, this gentleman, when you find him, has one hour to make an impression or he's out the door.”

Having said her piece, and not giving much thought to Pierre's confidence, Victoria moved to straddle him, her lips poised over his. Lowering her head, her tongue licking over her lips, she found his mouth as her body relaxed onto his. Their lips closed over tongues, and his arms pulled her tight against his chest. His hands began a slow dance along her spine, lifting her blouse over her head. His fingers worked the clasps on her bra, freeing her breasts to rest against his bare skin.

Their kiss deepened as moans of pleasure mingled with the sucking sound of tongues being drained of moisture. Pierre moved his hands to her waist, lifting slightly to take her weight off his hips. She came up onto her knees and using her hands released his cock from the tight fitting shorts he was wearing. His rod stood erect as she moved her hips over him and slowly lowered her body down onto his shaft.

Her honey coated his cock as she started a slow, steady thrusting of her hips. Riding up and down on his cock, Victoria leaned her head back and closed her eyes. Pierre took her breasts in his hands and began to massage them. The sounds of their pleasure moans danced past the walls of the tent and ran along the desert floor. As the sun slipped deeper below the horizon and the sky darkened to night, they found pleasure in the slow sensual dance of bodies joining as one.

* * * *

Several drinks and three hours later, Jason was still wide-awake, staring at the ceiling and thinking about a woman named Victoria Lane. Why did Sam think she could light a fire deep within his soul? Hell he thought, I don't believe in soul mates, love at first sight, or any of those other crazy romantic ideas books foist on the general population. “God, this is ridiculous,” he said out loud to the empty room. Sitting up he reached for the phone.

“Hello,” a very groggy voice said on the other end of the line.

“Sam, this is Jase, wake your ass up and talk to me.”

“Jesus, you got any idea what time it is, why are you awake?”

“Because of you damn it, you put this idea of a perfect woman in my head, then drop the bomb she's a whore, and expect me to drift off to dreamy sleep. Shit.”

“I told you she's not a whore, goddamn it Jase stop calling her that!”

“Okay sorry, just do me a favor and get your ass over here in the morning and fill me in on this club in Vegas.”

“What changed your mind?” Sam asked, a smile settling on his lips.

“Not sure, just go back to bed and be here in the morning.”

“Okay.” Sam said as he hung the phone, rolled over, and slipped back into slumber, confident his plan was working.

Jason was not so lucky; he stared at the phone receiver in his hand, shaking his head, “I've lost my fucking mind, I know it,” he yelled into the now dead phone line. “I'm going to be sorry I ever started this and I'm going to deserve everything this woman does to me.” Slamming the receiver back into its cradle, he reached for the bedside lamp and hit the switch, sending the room into darkness. Lying down on the bed and closing his eyes, he drifted off to sleep with thoughts of a seductive slut swimming around in his head.

Chapter 2

The knock on the door came at precisely eight o'clock. “Come in Sam, its open,” Jason yelled.

Coming through the door, Sam found Jason with his hair still wet from the shower, his shirt open, and looking far too relaxed for a man who hadn't had much sleep the night before. He and Jason had been friends since high school and were like brothers. Having grown up together, gone through college and all its nightmarish parties, then eventually ending up in business together, there was a closeness most men don't experience.

“Have a seat,” Jason said, “I've ordered up some breakfast, should be here in a couple minutes.” He walked over to the table and sat down facing Sam. Not wasting a moment, Jason said, “Let's have it, why do you think Victoria Lane is the woman the gods created for me alone?”

Sam looked uncomfortable for a minute, and then started to explain. “During my trip to Vegas last year, I heard about Club Belle Tori from a friend. I filled out their application, paid my fee, and became a member of the club two days later. That evening I arrived at this elegant estate on the outskirts of town. It is the most exquisitely decorated home I've ever been in.”

“Home? I thought you said this place is a club.”

“I did, but it's in a mansion. Magnificent place, with rolling lawns, courtyards, pool, and some of the most expressive sexual art I've ever seen. When I arrived, I was introduced to the staff and other club members. For the first couple of hours I enjoyed exploring sexual fantasies with a variety of women and groups. Then Victoria entered. I can't explain what happened to the crowd, it was like everyone in the place knew she was there. Didn't matter what they were doing, how involved they were, she commands the complete attention of people just by her presence in a room, and she lives up to the name Belle Tori.”

“So the club is named for her?” Jason replied, having assumed Tori was short for Victoria, and knowing Belle was French for beautiful.

“Yes, she's stunning and confident. Walking sexuality is what I would call her. She joined in various activities going on in the main salon, which is when I first came into contact with her.” Sam lowered his voice, even though they were alone, “I was involved so to speak with a lady in a swing, when Victoria walked up behind me and started running her fingers down my back. God, my cock was slamming in and out of a wet pussy, and suddenly I have fingernails trailing down my spine. As a shiver ran through my body, her hands slipped between my legs and she started massaging my balls. All the time the woman in the swing is screaming at me to fuck her.”

“Every man's fantasy,” Jason stated with a touch of sarcasm.

“Don't know if it's every man's, but it sure as hell was mine.” Sam continued with a note of frustration in his voice, “so you want to hear the rest of this or not?”

“Yes, go on, I'm all ears.”

“Okay then. Without going into all the details, let's just say it was better than any fantasy I'd ever dreamed. When the three of us were completely drained, Victoria leaned over and invited me to go for a walk around the grounds with her. Well damn, I wasn't about to turn the offer down. Only thing was after we talked for a while I realized this woman could never be mine. She's special, one of a kind, captivating, and god, so damned sexy, but I'd never be able to share her with the club. I'd want her all to myself and I know she would soon tire of that. Having come to an understanding in my own mind, I nonetheless spent the next several hours with her, talking, laughing, cuddling…”

“Oh, and let me guess, fucking?” Jason snarled.

“Will you shut up? No, not fucking. Except for the threesome in the salon, she and I have not had sex.”

“So what did you find to talk about for several hours?” Jason asked a note of relief in his voice. He loved Sam like a brother; however, since he had decided to go after Victoria he was pleased to know Sam hadn't had one-on-one sex with her. There'd always been an unspoken competition between them, and Jason didn't want Sam to know the pleasure of her body, especially if he ended up falling for the woman. Jason turned his attention back to Sam just in time to hear his deflated response.

“Nothing. Everything. It's hard to explain. She told me about the club, a little about her life, and we discussed sex.”

“Why am I not surprised?” Jason stated, sarcasm creeping back into his voice.

“Dammit Jase, last night I told you Victoria is not a whore. She believes society has unrealistic boundaries with regards to sex. The ideal of one man mated with one woman, that sex is for making babies, that a couple needs to be married or sex is a sin, she doesn't agree with any of these things. She is free from all those bonds, open, honest, and willing to let each person decide what is right for their life. She does not judge people on their sexual behavior, and expects others to grant her the same respect. The club is her outlet for exploring all of life's possibilities and God does she enjoy pleasuring the human body.”

“And why do you think she would be interested in a relationship with me?” Jason asked with a questioning tone. “I told you I'm ready to settle down.”

“Yes you did. You also told me you wanted someone who can share your need for sexual gratification. And I believe what you really want is someone to love who will also let you get your dick wet in other pussies once in a while. Am I right?”

“Yes,” Jason whispered, as he shook his head no. Closing his eyes, Jason's voice became louder as he yelled “NO!” Then looking into Sam's eyes, a pleading note in his voice he stated, “Hell I don't know.”

“Listen Jase, one of the last things Victoria said to me is that someday she hopes to find a man she can make love to. I didn't understand at first, so she explained. Sex is of the body, making love is of the body, mind, and soul. I truly believe you are the man she is waiting for.”

Jason stood and moved to the desk. Picking up the phone he dialed a number and moments later issued orders, “Get the plane ready. I want to be in the air within the hour.”

Sam sat stunned for a moment then asked, “Where are you going?”

“Las Vegas.”

* * * *

It was mid-afternoon and Pierre had been working on reviewing membership applications for the last thirty minutes. The beeping intercom interrupted his train of thought, and he reached for the handset without looking. “Yes, Sophia.”

“Sorry to disturb you Pierre. The gentleman insisted I tell you he's on the line.”

“Gentleman? What gentleman?”

“Mr. Samuel Grimes.”

“It's okay Sophia, what line?”


Pierre pushed the button for line four, “Sam it's nice to hear from you. Any news?”

“Bonjour Pierre, yes there's news. Jason arrived here a couple of days ago and I started dropping hints last evening at dinner. This morning he grilled me for a long time about the club and Victoria, and then out of the blue he picked up the phone and ordered the company jet. When I asked where he was off to, he said Las Vegas.”

“This is wonderful Sam,” Pierre's voice held a touch of excitement. “When does he leave?”

“You'd be better off asking when does he land. The plane is already in the air. They left Paris two hours ago, so you should be expecting a call from him anytime in the next twelve hours. Have you gotten Victoria to agree to a partner yet?”

“It wasn't easy, but I got her to say yes last night.” Pierre's mind was trying to digest everything; it was all happening so fast. He and Sam had cooked up this plan weeks ago, and now they finally had all the pieces in place. “Did you say the plane is already in the air?”

“Yes. You need to let Sophia know when he calls, not to forward it to Victoria. You have to take this call Pierre.”

“That won't be a problem, Tori doesn't take membership calls anyway,” Pierre assured him.

“Good, I'll leave it in your hands from this point on, but I do want regular updates so keep me posted.”

“I'll do that Sam; it's too bad you can't be here to watch the fireworks.”

“Yes, well if everything goes according to plan, I'll have ample opportunity to witness future fireworks. So keep me posted and enjoy the next few days. Au revoir, Pierre.”

“Au revoir, Sam,” Pierre responded as he punched button four to disconnect the line.

Pierre smiled to himself. This was going to work out beautifully, even with the short notice.

He really had expected Sam to give him more warning. Laughing out loud he thought about Jason Hunter demanding the company jet be made ready to bring him to Vegas on such short notice. This was going to work, he told himself. Soon Tori would be back to normal. Of course, there would be a new man to help adapt to her lifestyle. However, if everything Sam told him about Jason was correct, this should be a piece of cake. Pierre was very pleased with himself at the moment, and if it were not for the damn phone ringing again he would have just sat there and enjoyed congratulating himself. Reaching for the phone he hit the button for line two.

“Bonjour, Pierre DuMonte speaking, may I assist you?”

“Hello Mr. DuMonte. My name is Jason Hunter and I'd like to find out about applying for membership to Club Belle Tori.”

Pierre almost dropped the phone. He must be calling from the plane since there was no way he could have arrived in Las Vegas yet. “Of course Mr. Hunter, what can I tell you?”

* * * *

It was very early Friday morning and the first rays of dawn were just breaking in the east, casting a soft light on the garden path. Pierre had found Victoria walking toward the pool house and quickened his step to catch her.

“Tori,” he raised his voice to draw her attention.

Victoria stopped, turning toward the sound of his voice and smiled, “Morning, handsome.”

“Another great night and beautiful dawn.”

“Yes, I plan to take a quick swim and then I'm going to bed. Did you need me for something sweetheart?”

“Just wanted to let you know I've found Mr. Right. He will be here Sunday night.”

“What do you mean you have found Mr. Right?” she demanded, the look on her face one of complete disbelief.

“Just what I said Belle. I have found a gentleman I'd like to partner you with.”

“God Pierre, did you have this guy under the damn desk? We just had this discussion four days ago, and already you're telling me the perfect man has applied for membership.”

Pierre had purposely waited until this morning to tell her about this for two reasons. First he didn't want it to seem too fast, and second he didn't want her to have too much time for thinking before Jason arrived. “Must be that fate you were speaking of, Tori,” he said with a grin.

“Fuck fate! I want to know what kind of game you're playing, handsome.”

“This is no game. It just so happens that a gentleman called earlier in the week, said he heard about the club from a member who is traveling in Europe, and he wanted information.”

“Okay and how does that lead to this man being the right man to partner with me?” Victoria's voice held a note of frustration.

“Well, apparently, this European member had spoken to the gentleman about you in particular, and he requested a formal introduction.”

“Who is the European member?”

“He didn't say and I didn't think to ask.”

“Well isn't that convenient.” Victoria's voice dripped with sarcasm.

“You did agree to this Belle, and whether it happens this Sunday or next should not matter. The whole idea is to bring some excitement into your life. What better way than fast, before you have time to change your mind?”

“Okay Pierre, so what is the gentleman's name?”

“You will have to wait until Sunday, Belle.”

“What did you find on his application to convince you he's the right man to receive a formal introduction to me?”

“You will find out Sunday.”

“Is that all you’re going to say Pierre?”

“As a matter of fact Tori, it is. And don't bother grilling the staff, because I've told them not to speak a word of this to you. The man will be here Sunday evening, and that is all you need to know for now.” Pierre's voice was not only smug; it held a note of finality.

Victoria smiled and, looking directly into Pierre's eyes, stated. “Just remember the deal handsome, one man, one night and then five years of silence.” With her parting shot fired, Victoria turned and walked to the pool house.

“You'll be eating those words before this time next week Belle.” Pierre shouted after her, waiting for her to turn and stomp back. When she continued on her way, he realized the battle was won and decided a swim sounded like a great idea. Walking quickly, he stripped out of his clothing and once at the side of the pool, dove into the deep water. Moments later Victoria joined him and they spent an hour enjoying the cool water, swimming laps and ignoring each other.

Chapter 3

Stifling heat radiated up from the blacktop surface of the streets, the sun still five hours from setting, a dry hot wind blowing through the trees doing nothing to cool the air. It was the fourth day temperatures had topped a hundred and five degrees here in this desert oasis known as Las Vegas. The soft hum of air-conditioning units could be heard all over the city, desperately trying to keep up with demand. Whether in a casino, hotel, office, or home most of the city's population had sought refuge inside. A few brave souls walked the strip, although it wasn't likely they would stay out long in this unbearable heat, moisture being sucked from their bodies by the unrelenting sun.

It was three in the afternoon on Sunday and Yvette had been at Belle Tori since eleven; busily directing the cleaning staff, checking to make sure orders for supplies had been placed, and meeting with Pierre to see if anything special needed to be done. The housemaid Janice had informed her, a lady from last night was still asleep in one of the rooms downstairs. A quick check with Pierre and she knew it wasn't someone she need concern herself with. Smiling to herself, she realized Cindy must still be there and now understood why Pierre was so anxious to get through the list of chores. A last scan of the checklist assured her all was done, so she headed up the stairs to the private residence of the club's owner.

The strong smell of freshly brewed coffee slowly filtered into the air. Victoria heard her enter and knew it would soon be time to leave the satin comfort of her king size bed. Stretching her arms out of the sheer sheet covering her naked body she let them hang in the air a moment.

“Morning, Yvette” she said, with the sleepy, sensual voice of a woman just waking from a peaceful slumber.

“Good afternoon, Tori.”

“What's the temperature today? And for heaven’s sake, please let it be less than a hundred.”

With a slight laugh Yvette informed her that the temperature was indeed still hovering around a hundred and five.

Letting out a loud sigh, Victoria pulled the sheet over her head and growled. “God, is this heat wave ever going to end?” It was not as if she expected Yvette to answer the question, since it had been asked several times in the last few days, but she asked anyway. Maybe if she was lucky the walls would answer, or maybe God was listening and would get the message that she, Victoria Lane, was tired of the heat.

Realizing neither of these things was likely to happen; she sat up and took the cup of coffee Yvette had been holding for the last several moments. Sitting back against the headboard, sipping the black brew that was so necessary to her day, she grabbed the remote, hitting the on button, and the TV mounted in the wall opposite the bed came to life. The flickering faces of afternoon news anchors came into focus and Victoria spent the next twenty minutes sipping coffee and watching the afternoon broadcast. Meanwhile, Yvette was flittering around the room, replacing candles, picking up discarded clothing from the evening before, and drawing a warm bath.

“Do you want another cup of coffee, or do you want your cigarette now?”

“I still have coffee, so just a quick smoke and then the bath will be fine.” Victoria replied. Yvette had been with her for five years. She was not the maid, not a secretary. Her job was more administrative assistant, charged with keeping Victoria on task and on time.

Lighting the cigarette and taking a long drag, Victoria leaned back once more and closed her eyes. Since she only smoked one a day, she made it last as long as possible and enjoyed it as much as she wanted. She knew these things were bad for her, but figured it would take years for one cigarette a day to put enough shit in her lungs to make any difference. All too soon the cigarette was gone and the last of the coffee was drained from the cup.

Hitting the off button for the television, she climbed out of bed. The reflection of her naked body in the mirror across the room brought a smile to her lips. Not bad for thirty-seven. Breasts still firm and perky, without benefit of silicone, waist slender, tummy flat, and hips just the right size. Most of her five foot seven inch body was made up of slender, sexy legs which caused men to turn their heads and stare. Long red hair framed an oval face, set with velvety dark eyes, kissable lips, and delicate features. Turning once to check out her ass, which was tight and smooth, Victoria headed for the bathroom.

The steam rising off the bubbling water, the soft whine of the motor, and movement of liquid and foam indicated the bath was ready. Victoria stepped down into the fragrant water and slowly lowered her body into the wet heat. Leaning back, letting her head rest on the pillow, and stretching her legs out fully, Victoria thought about the last couple of days.

Pierre was very pleased, as he'd been able to keep everyone from revealing even the slightest hint about the new member. This mystery man, as she had come to call him over the last couple of days, specifically requested he be allowed to partner with her during his first visit. She was wondering now why she had given in to Pierre's demands that night a week ago in the desert. At the time she had never imagined he would find Mr. Right so quickly. Pierre had made the decision and told her in no uncertain terms she would just have to wait until tonight to find out what the mystery man had planned. Try as she might, he just keeps saying, “You will be more than pleased Belle.”

Letting her mind go blank, Victoria slipped deeper into the hot, swirling water. The jets were turned so each was directed at a sensitive area of her body. Two shot steaming water at her nipples, two were aimed at the bottoms of her feet, two directed motion toward her waist, and one was pointed right between her legs. This last jet was set on high and with her legs slightly parted sent a pulsating stream of water straight at her clit. She laid there letting the swirling water do its job, which at the moment was just to awaken muscles which had been sleeping for the last six hours.

* * * *

Pierre was pleased that no one had given in to Tori's questioning about Mr. Hunter. He hadn't even told her his name and she didn't know that he had met the man twice already. He was not worried about her reaction, once she had spent a few hours with Mr. Hunter. This evening was key to getting her back to normal and he was frustrated with the slowness with which the hours were going by.

It was three in the afternoon and he had just spent the last two hours doing paperwork in his office. He knew Victoria was still in the residence and wouldn't make an appearance downstairs before six, so he planned to take his mind off this evening for a while. Except for Yvette, no other staff members were currently on the premises, meaning he pretty much had the place to himself. With everything complete, he quickly glanced at the security screens to confirm all was quiet, and then headed to the room occupied by the only remaining guest from last evening.

Pierre opened the door knowing Cindy was likely still asleep on the bed. She had stripped out of her panties and a sheet did little to cover her naked body. With music softly playing in the background, Pierre stood in the doorway watching her sleep. He knew she had had plenty of time to rest and was expecting him to wake her when the afternoon chores had been completed. He was not about to disappoint her.

Kneeling beside the bed he trailed his finger down her cheek. Her eyes fluttered briefly and his lips descended to hers for a light kiss. He could feel her awaken and let his hand move to her body, finding her nipple, which he squeezed to bring her fully awake. Her eyes opened and a smile settled on her lips, yet before she could do anything Pierre seized her hands pulling her to a standing position. Cindy liked sex hard and fast, and would rather have a hard cock than a cup of coffee, which was fine with him. He felt the need for release and ramming his rod in and out of her hot, wet folds without foreplay was just the ticket.

As Cindy came to her feet, Pierre spun her around, bending her at the waist, gently pushing her toward the edge of the bed until she was kneeling in the position he wanted. Without words he grabbed her ass, spreading her cheeks as he bent to wetly kiss between the trim mounds of flesh his hands held apart. His fingers probed for the entrance to her love tunnel. Reaching for a dong lying on the night stand, he pushed it past her vulva, eliciting a cry of pleasure from her.

Stepping away, he quickly unzipped his pants, kicked off shoes and made short work of removing his clothes. His cock sprang to attention as soon as it was free of his clothing, hard, straight, and ready. Pierre moved back into position behind Cindy. His hands grabbed the dong and pushed it in and out of her pussy several times. Her moans filled the room and he knew she was wet and ready for the real thing. Pulling the toy from within her, he guided his muscle to her lips and pushed in about an inch.

“Tell me you want it baby.”

“I want it Pierre.”

“Make me believe it.”

“Please Pierre, fuck my pussy.”

Gripping her hips, he plunged hard and deep, his tool hitting her inner wall, her juices lubricating him completely. Three times he pulled out, then immediately slammed his rock-solid rod deep. Her moans turned to screams as she continued to beg. “Fuck me, slam me hard, slam me deep. Make me cum all over your cock.”

“You like it hard baby?”

“Yes, oh yes, hard, fast, deep. Keep fucking me, make me cum.”

“I want you to cum baby, really I do, but not until I make your body so hot it wants to explode.”

“Make me explode,” she cried.

“Not yet gorgeous, but soon. You need to pump now baby, fuck my cock.”

Cindy moved her hands to prop herself up more and started pumping against his hips. Pulling forward and back, driving his love muscle in and out of her pussy. The juice was flowing and she could feel it start to trickle down her inner thigh. Pierre had his hands on the small of her back as he watched her breasts bounce with each thrust of her hips. Her tits were big with hard swollen nipples, which moved in motion with her body. “Let me pump now baby,” he said, “I want you to take your nipple in your mouth and suck hard. Can you do that for me?”

Without responding Cindy quickly changed position to hold her body up with one hand, using the other to guide her breast into her mouth. She started sucking and was sure to make noise so Pierre could hear her efforts. Her nipple was hard and as she sucked it became more and more sensitive. Pierre kept pumping in and out, his penis seeming to get deeper with each thrust, the noise she was making increasing his desire. He tilted his head to get a better look at her suckling her own breast when she suddenly let go to complain. “I'm so hot, so very hot.”

Her voice broke through the intense fog of lust, which had settled on Pierre, and he smacked her ass. “Less talking and more sucking beautiful.”

Taking her nipple back into her mouth she resumed sucking, a soft moan escaping her lips at the sound of his voice. His dick slamming in and out of her pussy, hitting hard against her walls as the heat built more and more. Hot cum flowed in waves over his shaft, spilling out with each thrust and running down her legs to puddle on the sheet. Overcome with heat, Cindy once again released her tit as her screams filled the air. Pierre slowed his hips, letting her muscles grab his shaft tighter and tighter as she pushed molten fire from deep within her recesses. Pierre started pumping with even strokes, in, then out, cum visible on his cock, then in. “I'm going to make you cum again,” he said with a heavy voice.

She could tell he was close as well, but knew he would make sure of her pleasure before he released his load. Pierre had more control than most men she knew and she loved cumming again and again.

“I'm going to make you scream loud baby. You're going to scream and cream, then scream some more.”

Cindy felt the blood pounding, his and hers. His shaft so deep and pumping so hard, that she could not answer him, even if he expected her to. With another wave of orgasm rising to the surface, she pulled her head up, opened her mouth, and screamed. Filling the room, it echoed off the walls and continued as he fucked her again and again with his instrument of pleasure. She could feel the orgasm ravage her insides, as she screamed at him, “Fuck me dammit! Make me cum!”

Pierre was deaf to her passionate plea, as he was getting close to release himself. The blood pounded in his head, as he felt the hot liquid move toward release, her pussy sizzling with liquid fire, his rod sliding effortlessly in and out. He knew instinctively the more he pumped after each orgasm the more sensitive her vagina became and the easier it was for her to cum again. He continued to slam in and out, holding back his own release.

“Fuck me baby, pump your hips and fuck me,” Pierre demanded as he felt her start to thrust her hips. He bent at the waist and with a hand on each side of her body, grabbed her breasts as he thrust deep inside. Holding her tits in his hands he squeezed as he fucked her pussy. Slamming hard against her ass with each downward movement of his cock, pulling on her nipples, he continued until he heard the low rumble of another scream start deep within her throat.

As Pierre positioned himself to deliver another penetrating thrust, her head tilted to the ceiling and she let out an ear-piercing scream as together they came. Hers mingled with his, bodies sweating, as he deposited hot cum within her folds. Lifting his head toward heaven Pierre joined her in a hot-blooded scream of climax.

* * * *

The water was warm and the aroma of vanilla filled the room, as Victoria allowed her mind to drift to this evening and the new member she had been told to expect. Having pictured him in her mind's eye over and over again, she had been able to fantasize to her hearts content. He would be tall, dark, and very sensual, his voice deep and seductive. Thinking about him now she could feel the need building from deep within, her pussy throbbing from the jet blasting a stream of water at her clitoris.

Keeping a fantasy picture of him in her mind, she took a handful of bubbles from on top of the water and slid her body up enough to let her nipples break the surface. As the cool air hit them they jumped erect, and her fingers slowly traced over them covering the tips with bubbles. They were hard, erect, and in need of massaging, as her fingers worked magic, moving over each nipple then down under her breast. Stroking up and down, circling the nipple, up and down again, pulling gently on each in turn. They became more sensitive with each stroke, an ache welling ever closer to the surface. Taking her breast, she slowly lifted it to her lips, licking with her tongue over the top of the aureole then using her fingers to slide the nipple into her mouth, she closed her lips over it.

Sucking gently her hand played with the other breast, tasting vanilla from the bubbles as she sucked harder, feeling it grow more ridged. Her tongue played over the tip as the ache between her legs increased and she pushed her tits together taking both into her mouth. The firm nubs of her nipples were caressed by the texture of her tongue as she sucked them deeply into her mouth.

Sliding her hands slowly down her body, she traced softly over her tummy. Her fingers found her clit as she leaned back in the tub, letting her legs open 'til they touched the warm porcelain. As the water continued to shoot between her legs, her fingers played softly over her clit rubbing back and forth. The heat deep inside built with the rhythm of each stroke of her fingers over her swollen mound, head arching back as warm water pulsed against her clit. Stroking in circles over and over again, she felt the honey deep inside moving closer to release. Her fingers moved ever faster as she pumped against them, sliding two deeply inside finding her g-spot and pressing hard.

The water was washing over her skin in waves now as the movement of her body increased, hot honey coated her fingers as the orgasm arced toward release. Her muscles grabbed hard, pulling her fingers tighter and tighter against the walls, enveloping them within the soft folds of her pussy. Pushing hard, thumb stroking over her clit, she could feel the heat coursing through her body as the orgasm exploded against her hand. She started pumping in and out as the cum flowed, muscles contracting harder and harder, the orgasm shaking her entire body, her breath coming in shallow gasps.

As the spasms subsided her body relaxed back into the water and she closed her eyes. The soft tap at the door, as the hazy fog of climax started to dissipate, brought her back to earth. “Yes Yvette, I'm coming.”

It must be approaching five o'clock and as much as she might have liked to stay there and continue enjoying her own pleasure, she had to get moving. After all, she could not be late arriving downstairs to greet the guests or the mystery man. Stepping out of the tub, she dried the wetness from her body with a soft terry-cloth towel.

Taking a bottle of moisturizer, she smoothed scented cream over her legs, stroking up and inward until she reached her clitoris. Slowly her fingers massaged the still swollen mound, creating a small ache of need. More cream, and she massaged it into her breasts, rolling the nipples until they were once again erect, then down over her tummy and back up over her shoulder and down each arm, in one continuous motion. The sensation of her hands moving over her naked skin stirred the heat within. Shaking her head to clear the cloud, and taking a deep breath she reminded herself the evening held heavenly sex, and stepped from the bathroom.

Yvette had laid out her clothes for the evening. A black mini skirt, red silk bustier, black garter belt with hose, and a pair of three-inch heels, all intended to make heads turn.

“You look relaxed,” Yvette said with a knowing smile.

“Hmmm yes, I always enjoy my bath”

“Yes I know.”

“Any calls while I was busy?”

“Pierre just called, sounded a little out of breath,” she smiled, “I think Cindy stayed over.”

“I'm not surprised after last night,” Victoria laughed. “She seems to be insatiable.”

“Sounds like Pierre will be in a good mood for a while, maybe I'll take advantage of the situation and see if I can get him to go for a threesome.”

“Good for you, and if he doesn't want to play, just let me know and I'll arrange something,” Victoria offered with a smile. “Now let's get busy or I'll never be ready to go.”

Yvette moved to the dressing table and they began the ritual of dressing, styling, and makeup

* * * *

Like a caged animal Jason was pacing the floor of his suite, the heat doing little to improve his mood or make the wait more tolerable. Remembering the look on Sam's face when he had announced he was going to Vegas was the only totally enjoyable moment he had had in the last five days.

Having completed the application process for Club Belle Tori, he'd met with Pierre DuMonte twice to discuss this evening. After that he'd waited five days in this heat, and now with the minutes ticking by at a snail’s pace, his patience was fading fast. Jason had made the decision before he boarded the plane to give in to his desire to meet this lady, even if it did seem like Sam had set him up. He'd been searching for a life mate on his own for over two years now without success, so maybe Sam had more perspective on the issue. If nothing more came of this evening than some great sex and a few days away from the office, it would be worth it.

He planned to give freely and completely of his passion, and if any doubt still remained about whether Victoria Lane was all Sam claimed her to be, he would put it to rest. He would hold nothing back and if fate was willing he hoped to find the fire deep in her soul and set it free. Maybe in doing so he would find his own fire.

The ringing of the phone interrupted his train of thought. Picking up the handset he listened to the front desk clerk tell him his limo was waiting in front. He dropped the phone back into the cradle, grabbed his overnight bag and said a thank you to the room at large that it was finally time to leave.

The limo ride to Club Belle Tori would take only twenty minutes. Relaxing into the seat, Jason poured himself a Springbank on the rocks, and watched the city pass by as they exited the strip and headed toward the distant hills.

Pierre was waiting at the door when Jason arrived. Victoria was still upstairs, so they had time to get everything ready.

“Hello Pierre,” Jason said as he took Pierre's hand in a firm shake.

“Bonjour Mr. Hunter, welcome to Club Belle Tori. It's nice to see you again.” Pierre moved back from the doorway to allow Jason entry to the lobby.

“Is it always this fucking hot in Vegas?”

“No, it's unusual for this time of year actually.” Pierre laughed as he and Jason walked toward the club, “its cooler in the bar.”

Once inside the softly lit room, Pierre led Jason to a small seating area and motioned him into a high-back chair. Jason took a seat among several people.

“Let me introduce you to the staff,” Pierre said. “This is Tony,” Pierre indicated the young man sitting to Jason's right. “Tony is our bartender and all-around resident stud.”

Tony reached to take Jason's outstretched hand, “It's nice to meet you Mr. Hunter.”

“And you, Tony.”

“And the beautiful ladies to your left are Sophia and Nikki. Our lovely Sophia is in charge of membership verification, and customer relations. Nikki's job is to make sure everyone has food and drink, toys and joys. Both ladies are responsible for making sure that clients want for nothing.”

Jason stood, bowed slightly as he lifted first Sophia's hand, then Nikki's to his lips for a soft kiss. “It's a pleasure to meet you both,” Jason said in a voice dripping with sensuality. Sitting again, Jason noticed that both ladies were smiling and both seem completely unable to speak.

“I was hoping to introduce you to Victoria's secretary Yvette as well,” Pierre stated, “However she is still in the residence at the moment so it will have to wait until later.”

“I'm sure I will have the pleasure before long,” Jason replied, a smile lighting his eyes as he noticed both Sophia and Nikki were still staring unabashedly at him.

“Okay kids, time to get back to your stations,” Pierre said while directing his attention to the staff. Pierre always called these three the kids, because they were all in their twenties and he at forty-seven was an old man in their eyes.

Jason waited until he and Pierre were alone, glanced at his watch to see it was almost six, than asked, “When does Victoria usually arrive?”

“She'll be downstairs around six, however, she won't make her entrance into the club until eight or so,” Pierre responded. “I've directed Nikki to bring you some dinner and a drink. Things will get pretty interesting from here Mr. Hunter, and of course you're free to join in the activities while you wait for Tori. All I ask is that you return to this seating area by eight-fifteen.”

“Why is that?”

“I don't want Tori getting a look at you until I make the introductions.”

“Any special reason for hiding me?”

“Not really,” Pierre responded, “I just want to see her face when she meets you, that's all.”

“Is there something you're not telling me?” Jason asked with a note of frustration in his voice.

“No, not at all. It's just that things are done in a certain fashion here at Belle Tori, and waiting for a formal introduction to Victoria for potential partners is one of them. It's always been this way Mr. Hunter.”

“I'm sorry Pierre; the heat is making me testy. Of course I'm more than pleased to follow your customs here.”

“It's okay Jason; the heat has us all a little testy, including Victoria.”

“Any last minute advice?”

“No, just keep in mind that Tori will be the one to decide if you stay. I'm not worried that she will ask you to leave or anything, it's just been awhile since she has had a partner, so I can't really be sure.”

“Put the doubt out of your mind Pierre. Not only am I staying the night as Ms. Lane's partner, it's possible I will be staying for an extended period.” Jason wasn't being cocky, it was just his natural confidence coming through. He had given a great deal of thought to this evening, and if Victoria was only half what he'd been led to believe, then most likely he wouldn't be leaving anytime soon.

“Strong self-assurance will only take you so far with Victoria, Mr. Hunter,” Pierre stated, a gentle laugh just below the surface of his voice. This man was going to turn Tori's world upside down he thought to himself. “But I'm looking forward to the next several hours.”

Jason laughed out loud, filling the room with his deep tones, “As am I, Pierre, as am I.”

Nikki arrived with the food and drink Pierre had ordered for Jason. Pierre took his leave and headed to the lobby with Sophia to do a last minute check before the rest of the guests arrived. Nikki sat the plate in front of Jason, taking a long lingering look at his handsome body, then turned and walked away, still unable to say a word to the man.

Jason laughed again, hoping that Victoria's female staff would find their voices before long; otherwise it was going to be a long couple of hours. Lifting the lid from the plate in front of him, Jason found a thick steak cooked to perfection. A glass of Springbank was sitting next to the plate. Jason was pleased by the attention to detail here at the Club. They had asked about his eating and drinking habits on the application, and it was nice to know they actually used the information to please their guests. He slowly began to eat as he watched the room start to fill with people. Happy with things for the moment, Jason enjoyed sitting alone in his private little corner of the club, sipping his favorite beverage.

* * * *

Victoria arrived downstairs at exactly six o'clock. Sophia was stationed at the check-in desk, the security alarms having been turned off, and the doors unlocked. The late afternoon sun was getting lower on the horizon, although there was little relief from the heat as of yet, and the guests started to arrive, their cars as diverse as the people. Some drove themselves; while others had limos drop them off. It was a parade of handsome men and elegantly dressed women from all walks of life. Yet they all shared a common love of sexual pleasures, all types of sexual pleasures; and they were not afraid to indulge their fantasies.

This time of the evening was enjoyable for Victoria, talking to members who might not have been around for several months. Greeting new people and putting faces to the names on membership applications. It was as if she already knew them, and yet had no clear picture until they were announced on arrival. She played hostess in all ways, making sure each had checked in with Sophia, been assisted with their overnight cases, and shown to the bar for a drink. Pierre's job was to make sure everyone already in the club was introduced to each new arrival.

Victoria wondered if the mystery man had arrived early. It would be just like Pierre to have him show up before anyone else so he could hide him somewhere in the mansion. Pierre had gone to extreme measures before, but nothing like this time. He had even hidden the application so she couldn't sneak a peek. Laughing to herself, Victoria decided this was actually turning out to be more fun than she would ever admit to Pierre. With a smile on her lips and a bright dazzle shining in her eyes, Victoria gave herself over to the evening.

After a couple of hours greeting members, mingling with those lingering in the lobby, and passing out hugs and kisses by the dozens, Victoria heard a familiar voice.

“VICTORIA” his voice boomed off the ceiling as he entered.

“Don, you good looking hunk of man,” Victoria replied, moving closer to allow him to take her in a bear hug. Lifting her easily into his arms he spun around three times before setting her feet back on the floor. Thank God he kept his arms around her because she felt a moment of dizziness wash over her.

“One of these days you're going to drop me, you big lug.”

“Never happen,” he said with a grin breaking across his face.

“How are things going these days?”

“Never better Victoria, never better.”

“That's good, and in case you didn't know, I'm glad to see your face after all these months.”

“It's good to be back, can't wait to get a look at tonight's guests,” he laughed. “And if I don't find anything interesting I'll be looking for you beautiful.”

Victoria smiled at the compliment, “You best look hard sweetheart, because Pierre has partnered me this evening.”

Throwing his hand to his chest, a mock look for grief on his face, Don responded. “Hell, wait 'til I get my hands on Pierre. No wait, come to think of it, when did you having a partner ever stop me?”

Victoria laughed at the tone of voice he used. Don had been a member of the club for several years, and never brought a woman with him. He was the type of man who loved moving from room to room, sometimes watching, sometimes joining in, but always wanting a new partner from hour to hour. Victoria knew he would seek her out even if Pierre told him not to, so she just smiled, placed her hand on his and pointed to the bar. “Well head on in and have Pierre introduce you to the group, I'll be joining you a little later.”

“Will do,” he said bending to plant a kiss on her cheek, then turned and headed for the bar.

“He's such a bear,” Sophia said as she walked toward Victoria. “But you gotta love the size of his cock.”

“Yes, he's one of a kind.”

“I think that may be a good thing, could you imagine having more than one like him here on the same evening?”

Laughing, Victoria replied, “God wouldn't that be a wild thing?”

“Yes. Wild might not be the right word though, more like crazy and insane. Anyway it's almost eight, you ready to close the doors for the night?”

“Yes, 'tis time to let the games begin.”

Moving toward the front door, she set the lock on the gate using the security panel, officially closing the doors so to speak. If you had not arrived by now, you were out of luck for tonight.

Scanning the room, they saw the last of the guests had moved to the bar, so Sophia and Victoria headed toward the stairs.

“Looks like a good crowd this evening.” Sophia said.

“Umm, yes.”

“So, you excited about the mystery man?”

“What do you think?” Victoria replied with a soft laugh.

“I think you're going to be very, very pleased.”

“So everyone keeps telling me, and I guess time will tell. For now, why don't you go join the fun in the bar, and tell Pierre I will be there soon.”

“Okay, you sure you don't need anything else?”

“Just a little time alone.”

Knowing Victoria didn't want company, Sophia walked back across the lobby, disappearing through the doors of the club. Victoria continued up the stairs to her office, once inside she locked the door and flopped on the couch. As she sat there, her eyes closed, she allowed her mind to drift to thoughts of the good thing they had going and their ever-increasing membership.

There were a few simple rules people agreed to in writing before being accepted, the most important one dealing with alcohol. It was a hard and fast policy—no drunkenness or drugs would be tolerated. If a guest was caught with drugs or became so drunk as to create a problem, they were removed from the club and their membership was revoked. Club Belle Tori didn't offer refunds either, so at twenty grand a year per person, people usually didn't break the rules.

Victoria normally arrived inside the club a little after eight. She liked to give members time to get their first drink, eat a little if they were hungry, and find partners before she made her entrance. She also needed a little break before the evening went into full swing, usually dozing off for fifteen minutes and then waking, feeling refreshed and ready. At the moment her mind was not capable of relaxing for more than fleeting minutes because it was continually drawn back to the mystery man. Sleep or anything remotely like sleep was impossible. “Good lord Victoria stop it, just haul your ass off this couch and get down there,” she said to herself. Shaking her head and glancing once in the mirror to make sure everything was still in place, she hit the light switch, opened the door, and headed for The Club.


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